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Mike Leftwich


Hey there, Mike here, thanks for visiting my site and downloading the FREE mobile catering business tools

I help mobile food vendors get to the next level in their business...

...from finding BARGAIN food trailers, getting into popular locations & events, attracting new customers & much more...

My tools & trainings have now helped 1000’s of foodies around the world to become a local FOOD HERO in their community...

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  • Thanks for all your help Mike. We we're able to find good used equipment and get up and running. We are now in the procces of expanding to a fleet of vehicles!

    Bill H., Ohio, USA

  • DONT LEAVE BUYING YOUR TRAILER TO CHANCE. This resource provides solid advice, helpful tips and vital information in choosing the right catering vehicle.

    David H., UK

  • Thank you, Mike, for creating a great business resource for the mobile food industry!

    Donna S., California, USA

  • This has been a vital tool in the starting of our business...we were in the dark and now see the light, we will use this as our guide book to prosperity, bring it on, many thanks.

    Lesley M., UK

  • These tools are an essential part of any mobile food business...Cant thank you enough!

    Kasita H., Adelaide, Australia

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About the Author

Hey there! 

Mike here, thanks for visiting my site and downloading the 
FREE catering trailer tools

About 10 years ago I made the decision that I wasn't going to "work for the man" any longer and was going to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to learn how to sell my food to happy paying crowds in a fun & profitable mobile food business…

Well, after a LOT of hard work and YEARS of trial and error we've now launched MULTIPLE mobile food businesses using a set of specific tools, techniques & strategies that I've REFINED & perfected over time…

It’s been a very rewarding experience & I no longer feel cheated and robbed of my independence or have the worrying money pressures I used to…

Eventually, people actually starting asking ME for tips and advice

I started sharing & teaching what I’d learnt to OTHER mobile food vendors and foodies who were just getting started…

...and the results were miraculous to say the least

1000’s of foodies from around the world have now used my quick-start tools & techniques to get started in their dream mobile food business & become a local FOOD HERO...

Trust me, I'm not perfect, I've made many costly mistakes that I'd like to show you how to avoid...

So be sure to get an instant unfair advantage for your mobile food concession trailer business by claiming your FREE tools now and AVOID making any expensive, embarrassing, costly mistakes…

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